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Medical: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Hospital & Clinic

medical-pt-rehab-hospital-clinicProducts and Protocols for Recovery, Well-Being, and Quality of Life
All of our products, properly applied by you, the medical professional, help speed recovery and improve functionality for your patients. Applications include stroke and post-surgery recovery. Also orthopedics, sports medicine, concentration and balance.

In-house Fitness Center
Keep patients coming back after rehabilitation with a fitness maintenance program. Don’t let potential revenue walk out the door. FORM can show you how to generate additional business.

Professional Porcelain
See our full line of Bauscher Professional Porcelain for your facilities foodservice. We offer induction porcelain for bedside or room delivery and standard porcelain for patient and staff dining room.

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Commercial Fitness, Gyms, and Health Clubs

commercial-treadmills-mnProfessional Equipment for Commercial Service
Commercial fitness professionals need equipment that requires low maintenance and high productivity. If the equipment is idle, you’re not earning. Our unique portfolio of brands and technologies make it fun to exercise – increasing your membership and maximizing your profit potential. Our well-known, high quality brands are leaders in their categories. By providing you with industry leaders and state-of-the-art products, FORM brings you lower cost of ownership and higher profits for your gym.

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Senior Centers / Active Aging

senior-fitness-active aging-mnLow Impact, Scalable Exercises, for Improved Quality of Life
Staying fit and keeping moving is important…especially in our later years! Research shows that light to moderate exercise can help avoid or reduce ailments as we age. At FORM, all of our equipment is designed to fit the needs of the user. So, from ages 9 to 90, there is no excuse not to exercise. Our treadmills are designed for ultra low impact for the easiest, most comfortable walking, jogging, and running experience. Our cardio and strength training equipment have no jarring motion and are easy to use. Think how much better your residents and patients could be using exercise equipment from FORM.

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First Responders: Police, Fire, EMT

first-responder-fitness-equipmentImprove Strength, Agility, Concentration, and Readiness
First Responders
have to be ready for anything. Your physical condition is crucial to the successful outcome of
rescue operations and life threatening emergencies. We can show you how to keep your department in “ready” condition with minimal space, time and investment. All uniformed services, private security, and military personnel benefit from our products.

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Hospitality: Hotel and Resort

hospitality-resort-fitness-equipment-mnUnique Workout Rooms for your Unique Brand
You’ve worked hard to position your unique brand in the market. Why not take that one step further by adding a unique workout facility? Guests stay with you for many reasons – now you can add “fun and exciting workout” to the list.

FORM provides state-of-the art, low-cost-of-ownership fitness equipment. Our equipment is virtually maintenance free and consumes far less energy than other brands and it’s really fun to use!

…and when they’re done exercising, provide your guests with a memorable dining experience!

Our line of Bauscher professional porcelain provides just the right touch of elegance to any meal. FORM offers induction porcelain for unsurpassed heat retention, preserving meal quality and serving temperature for room service. This is available in the same patterns as our high quality porcelain for your restaurant. Plus, we offer an industry leading warranty.

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Youth Fitness: Schools and Recreation Centers

youth-fitness-equipment-mnKids Love our Fitness Products!
From private gymnastics programs to public schools, kids love our fitness products! Topping the list in popularity is Makoto Arena, TRX Suspension Training, and Sissel balance products. Our products keep kids occupied for hours and engaged in physical activities building strong bodies and strong minds. That is, if the instructors can get off the equipment, they’ll love it too!

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Pro and College Sports

sports-fitness-equipmentDon’t Let the Competition get a jump on you.
Bring your Athletes and Team Sports to the Next Level!
Our products are designed with the professional in mind. They will stand up to years of intense training sessions with minimal maintenance or down-time. Plus, the FORM circuit of cardio, neurological and resistance training prepares your body and mind for the job at hand…WINNING!

This, combined with monitoring and feedback from our training computers create the winning formula for your athletes.

Get the Edge on your competition at FORM.

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