We carry a Full Line of Rehab and Fitness Equipment

Cardio and neurological training for rehab, fitness and fun!

Therapists, trainers, educators, and athletes all remark on how Makoto achieves their purpose while feeling more like a game than “therapy” or “training.” And we all know we work hardest when we’re at play.

Frequently integrated into the training schedule of professional sports teams, Makoto increases the neurological connections between the brain and the body resulting in improved mental acuity, cognitive ability, reaction time and overall better coordination and performance.

Makoto improves your mental focus and physical abilities while you’re having fun. Accuracy and reaction time are measured and show your positive results over time.

Treadmills for medical, fitness, and sports performance

SCIFIT treadmills feature a patented design that reduces the friction and wear usually associated with conventional conveyor belt style treadmills. It features a ball-bearing transportation system with a slat style running surface.

Lowest total cost of ownership – A SCIFIT treadmill will save your facility money!

  • Low maintenance
  • Less downtime
  • Extended Life of Equipment

Total Gym is the Canvas for Creating Functional Exercise Protocols

Fitness and rehabilitation professionals are looking for functional training methods to create specific unrestricted ROM protocols for patients and clients.

Form Inc. brings you the precision-crafted commercial-duty Total Gym® and companion products for functional training and rehabilitation at its best. Total Gym offers:

  • More than 200 fitness and rehabilitation exercises including traditional and evolved Pilates
  • Versatility, quality, and value increases your bottom line with cost savings, space efficiency and safety
  • Quick patient outcomes improve care
  • Patients progress quickly by using Total Gym® early in the rehab process then move seamlessly from rehab to fitness in your clinic or gym

Also available: The Gravity® Training System creates a group exercise environment, multiplying your facility’s income.

SCIFIT – Innovative products for Fitness and Rehabilitation

Scifit products are durable and reliable. They offer innovative strength and cardio workouts and program options not found on other equipment. Top quality equipment and programs meet the needs of young and old  from beginner to elite athlete.

Products include bikes, steppers, ellipticals and recumbents. The Pro Series combines Iso-Strength with bi-directional resistance, to provide a total body strength and cardio workout on one machine.



TRX Suspension Training – Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Clubs and Fitness Centers and Individuals

Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Set up the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and you’re in control. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

The TRX sets up in seconds so you can get fit and stay fit at home, the gym or on the road. People of all fitness levels train on the TRX – from pro athletes who need peak performance to everyday people who want to feel and look their best, the TRX delivers.

The TRX Suspension Trainer™is scalable to all ability levels and phases of rehabilitation. Whether it is used for rehabilitation or prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, the TRX can be used to train for mobility, joint stability and strength.

Courses are available for trainers, fitness centers and sports medicine professionals.

Polar Training Computers – Get Active / Improve Fitness / Maximize Performance

polar-heart-monitorTraining without feedback can be a waste of time. Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder. The best way to improve and see results is to train at the right intensity. With a Polar heart rate monitor, you can make sure you’re not over or under training, and make each session count. Use Polar as your wrist-based personal trainer, motivating you each and every time you train.

Suitable for home or commercial fitness, individual athletes or team sports, physical therapy, corporate fitness, and First Responders – all benefit from POLAR heart rate monitoring and feedback.

FORM brings you stand-alone monitors for individual use, to complete fitness assessment tools for health clubs, teams and clinics. Couple any of these monitors with POLAR training software or online trainer with calendar, to set goals, motivate and reach your targets!

Sissel fitness, wellness and healthcare products for healthcare

Sissel has been providing exercise equipment and physical therapy products for over 20 years
to 25 countries worldwide. Many Sissel physical therapy products and exercise equipment are manufactured in Europe with the highest quality and environmental standards. When you purchase exercise equipment or physical therapy products from FORM, by Sissel you can rest assured that you are buying the best!

Sissel products we carry: Exercise Balls, Resistance Bands, Balance Mats, Yoga, Pilates, Orthopedic Pillows, Inversion Table, Ergonomic Seating, Back Support, Therapy and Massage.


Professional Porcelain for Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Hospital, and Nursing Homes

Bauscher has built a reputation for style, durability and quality in porcelain dishware for restaurant, catering and institutional / hospital use. Now, Form Inc. makes the Bauscher product line available to hospitals and elder care facilities in America!

Bauscher porcelain offers top quality performance in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and assisted-living homes. It is a welcome addition to any foodservice system because it offers you exactly the dishware you need. Functional and durable Bauscher is 100% attuned to active and passive systems. It has a visually appealing design and is easy to handle.

Get the best – Bauscher – for  professional porcelain for dining room service, induction porcelain for room service and meal distribution.




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